Years of experience passed down trough generations.

Sartoria Tofani was founded by Aristide Tofani in the hearth of the historical neighborhood of Naples, in 1954.

The young Aristide started apprendicing at Vincenzo Attolini's, whose name is a guarantee and who represented a crucial figure in Aristide's path.
Thanks to his inclination to perfection he suddenly became a known and respected name. Aristide's main accomplishment was transmitting his passion to his sons and nephew: Davide, Enea and the young Aristide.

Today, their excellence resides in their perfect cutting manuality, their ability to choose the best tissues and to grip the needle with maniacal precision in order not to leave any imperfection.

It's only when apprentices overcome masters themselves that masters really feel satisfied.

The art of elegance in fashion is innate in Neapolitan culture, since Naples is the world capital of tailoring. Its strength is due to the fact that Neapolitan tailoring is a philosophy and a school of life, a natural vocation for aesthetics of classic clothing.

Great merit of this achievement goes to the elderly masters.
They have managed to mantain the taste for quality and luxury in classic fashion and to transmit it to their pieces of art, which they manufacture by answering to specific rules and trade secrets in order to meet the demand of a more and more demanding clienteles.

Made in Naples trademark in tailoring DOES exist.
Eccellence is guaranteed by the genius of the masters themselves.

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